Nov. 2nd, 2016

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It was a beautiful day for going to the laundromat today! To snap myself out of the swirling-clothes induced hypnosis, I also got two coffees. Starbucks has new 5$ lattes, and I had 4$ from giving my wine bottles to the recycling depot, so I reckoned that justified it. Caramel brulee is a great coffee flavour, fyi. This coming from a (usually) staunchly boring black coffee drinker.

I've started to supplement my monthly twenty minute sprint to the ocean and back with daily yoga, in the interests of cross-training and trying to have less back pain. I'm enjoying this just as much as I expected I would - heaps and heaps!! I'm the sort of person who can't stay still for more than a couple seconds, so it's nice to have some forced relaxation hidden in the tempting promise of an old favourite - structured busyness and rigid scheduling.

Some pictures taken where I'm living right now. We have a lot of rain, but maybe that's why it's been such a good year for winter squash. People are handing out winter squash like its their job, so it's become a major staple of my diet since I moved here. I think I'm 90% winter squash and 10% human.


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