Feb. 12th, 2017

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 The Iliad and  The Odyssey are both pretty fun. Achilles' devotion to his boyfriend is an inspiring tale of love and tragedy perfect for Valentine's Day. And people think Roméo and Juliette is romantic. 

I went to a market in a small town nearby which was very delightful, albeit arschkalt. I shouldn't have worn converse. I have perfectly good winter boots with fur linings but noooo! Poor circulation or some other such thing has blessed me with hands and feet so frail and easily frozen they may as well not be connected to my central body heat at all for all the good it does. 

So, yeah, the market had frischkäse mit nuß which is something I'd never seen before and it was fantastic. It's soft sweet cheese that I think is related to cream cheese. They also had a nice Gorgonzola, which doubles as a word I learnt recently and a thing I like now. I only ever ate cheese by accident before coming to Germany, but now I sometimes actually want to eat it on purpose, and these are the two kinds of cheeses I want to have on purposest. 


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