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First, some quick photos from daily life here in Bavaria -

A nice snowman spotted at the restaurant where we went for drinks after a meeting with the buschreiten club. He looks ready to sweep a floor, so we have some things in common.

One of many cathedrals/churches we've visited while touring christkindmarkts around Germany and Austria.

I've started listening to podcasts and audiobooks while I work, which has been just lovely. The University of France offers mini-courses about 4 hours long (mostly on history and religion), and I've been enjoying those along with some CBC programmes. But the best has been getting through some books!

I. The Golden Compass: an exciting, interesting read which I missed as a child, but enjoyed very much now as an adult. I liked the language, the 'found family' aspect, as Lyra's parents turned out to be rather awful, and the complex characters. Best of all, I liked the descriptions of play. Lyra's battles around the college with the other children were important fun that triggered no small amount of nostalgia. ... I love children's stories.

II. The Da Vinci Code: I was less impressed by this one. The solutions were obvious, the conclusion was rushed, the characters weren't brilliant. I hated that Sophie was the smartest of the lot, but got shafted more and more as the book went on. It wasn't enough that the Old Boys were proven wrong when they assumed she couldn't help read the language on the note left by her grandfather in British Man's castle. The first description of Main Man was clunky. He's handsome! He's brilliant! He's sort of old but in a handsome brilliant way! He has claustrophobia but it effects nothing for him and never matters to the story at all! Ill admit it got me interested in reading more about the history of religion, but I felt like it was always trying to hold my hand. This book and I had very little chemistry.

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