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Feb. 16th, 2017 06:18 pm
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It's been fabulously warm here, almost warm enough to force me unwillingly from my wool socks and overlarge jackets. But not quite. The sun has to work pretty hard to get me into summer fashion. 

We went to visit the beekeeper for more honey and an inside look at the life of bees, but the bees were still a bit tired, so we only saw a couple of them in person. The beekeeper's tiny house was a lot like my grandma's place - spyglass, bird book, binoculars on the table; tools and animal bits on the walls; wood stove baking bread in its bowels. They might even have had the same calendar. We watched an orange bird pick at the seed in the bird feeder while he chain smoked, and I'm invited back to learn how to keep bees in the spring. 

We also went up into the bell tower of a church, which was wonderful. I was reprimanded for trying to fit under a door the led to the absolute tippy top of the tower and not being content with the tourist area. Being reprimanded for trespassing/tomfoolery/wandering is my ultimate pet peeve and I deeply resent people who care about property law, particularly when it comes to strange dark places. Oh well. 

Carrie reminded me of all the kids whose parents held church at home at one of my high schools. One in particular used to stand a few strides away from where the rest of us ate lunch on the floor in front of a side door, butting in whenever our discussion got too sinful, which was always, and scowling a lot. Carrie's mum would never have let Carrie step foot in my highschool, let alone blow it up. 

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