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I'm in the Far East! (Ottawa + Québec)

My gregarious mum made a friend on the airplane who told us to get ourselves to Resto Végo, post haste!, so after getting iced honey & nut lattes at an über pretentious café in Ottawa that I unfortunately completely vibed with (greek salad! green juice!) and poking horse drawn carriages in the History Museum (watched intensely by a guard who thought we sucked), we ambled towards Montréal and stopped at the library first. I was thrilled to see that 'Occultisme' was one of the categories on the main directory. Floor 3.

When we finally arrived, we found Resto Végo's buffet to be incredible. You're looking at an itty bitty tofu burger (mignon!), 250ml of wine in a tiny bottle (ultra mignon!), a tofu chicken nugget (gaspé! trop ultra mignon!), and more tofu (predictable!). I also had a piece of broccoli and two pieces of vegan cheesecake, because I fuckin love cheesecake and totally forgot that vegan cheesecake is made of cashews, which makes me super ill. Oops! Worth it. Note that my mum's food is touching her other food. Totes blasphemous.

This is a nice little comedy club with a really superb Apple Drink (ingredients unknown). We didn't go into the comedy bit because my mum doesn't speak a lick of French. She's proud of telling people 'mercy bucket!' every time they so much as glance in her direction, which is super charming and made all the bartenders dig us to the max.

I love this city.

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Date: 2016-06-16 04:30 pm (UTC)
spiralsheep: Evil commandeers the costume budget (chronographia Servalan Evil Costume)
From: [personal profile] spiralsheep
Wow, I know this isn't what your post is about but that cactus rly looks like one of the TOWERS OF EVIL from the Lord of the Rings films, lol. /sorry

Note that my mum's food is touching her other food. Totes blasphemous.

I used to *hate* that when I was a kid, and I still have a tendency to eat foods one after another or at least in separate mouthfuls. That restaurant food looks delicious. ::mild envy::


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